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Ask the Sherpas is a bi-monthly Q&A, featuring web-related questions from our readers and answers from our Sherpa authors and editorial team. Thanks to the broad and deep knowledge of our authors and editorial staff, Ask the Sherpas addresses questions from all facets of web development.

No question is too simple or complex. Need help with basic HTML and CSS? Ask us! Have questions about accessibility and WAI-ARIA? We’ve got answers! Looking for guidance about web education or business practices? Our Sherpas can help!

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  1. Question About Touchscreens and Blind Users

    Answered by Derek Featherstone on 22 July 2014

    This really is an exciting time for people with disabilities. Touchscreen interfaces on both iOS and Android, and even Windows Phone, continue to get better in terms of accessibility. And it isn&…
  2. Question About Rounded Corners and Progressive Enhancement

    Answered by Aaron Gustafson on 8 July 2014

    You bring up some interesting issues Triel, thanks for the question! CSS Benefit #1: Forward Compatibility First off, CSS is a web standard which means it is not likely to go away anytime soon.…
  3. Question About Using Photoshop in Responsive Workflows

    Answered by Dan Mall on 15 April 2014

    Great question! When I want to show someone the best representation of a web site, I shoot for the highest fidelity in the shortest amount of time. That dichotomy between fidelity and efficiency…
  4. Question About Testing on Screen Readers

    Answered by Jared Smith on 18 March 2014

    Listening to a web page, especially your own, in a screen reader is a powerful way to demonstrate the accessibility (and particularly, the lack of accessibility) of the page. It is impactful…
  5. Question About HTML for Restaurant Menus

    Answered by Allison Wagner on 14 January 2014

    Oh, you mean besides linking to a PDF? I kid. Though, not really. Unfortunately, a PDF has become the “menu solution” for many restaurant sites. This presents a host of issues, from…