Topics: Compatibility

The internet is not the big blue E. There are myriad browsers out there with varying capabilities. Compatibility is all about being able to access your content regardless of device or platform.

  1. Cross-Browser Audio and Video

    Answered by Aaron Gustafson on 9 July 2013

    Adding audio and video content to a web page is nowhere near as easy as we might like it to be. It’s not that the syntax is hard, but rather that the codec wars have made it rather…
  2. Apple Products and Mobile Assumptions

    Answered by Aaron Gustafson on 10 January 2013

    I think there is a tendency in our industry to focus on the latest and greatest technology, which many would say includes Apple products. That should come as no surprise though.…
  3. (Issue No. 19)
    Art of the Quiet Interface

    How do we design content to be engaging and distraction-free? Looking at, Nicole shows how we can give our users the space and time to relish good content.

  4. (Issue No. 18)
    What’s Your CSS Style?

    Looking beyond class and id selectors, Emily explores how and when we can use attribute, child and sibling selectors in the real world through a reader-submitted portfolio,

  5. (Issue No. 13)
    Making the Transition to HTML5

    Interested in HTML5, but not sure where to go after changing the DOCTYPE? Emily details how a reader-submitted site, Pelizzoli World, can start using HTML5 today to add structure and semantics.