Design / UX Reviews

  1. (Issue No. 34)
    Reflecting on the Revamped Sherpa

    Our Publisher Aaron turns the spotlight on the Sherpa site and walks through some of the choices we made for the mobile-first overhaul of this site.

  2. (Issue No. 28)
    Tracking Printed Pages (or How to Validate Assumptions)

    What guides your project decisions? Data or assumptions? Adrian discusses the importance of tracking site features, like print styles, to inform how and where you invest effort.

  3. (Issue No. 26)
    Responsive Webfont Icons

    Don’t fear icons in responsive web designs. Jason shows you how to replace images with webfonts to create scalable icons for any interface.

  4. (Issue No. 25)
    Storytelling in Web Design

    Denise explains the importance of storytelling in website and app design by comparing and contrasting two history-focused sites.

  5. (Issue No. 24)
    Balancing Act: Features, Budgets & Timelines

    Adrian offers insight into the decision process of building a new site for the Buffalo Soccer Club, a not-for-profit with little to no budget and a looming deadline.