About Us

The goal of WebStandardsSherpa.com is to provide web professionals the opportunity to receive feedback, glean advice and learn best practices from experts in the field to help them improve the quality of their own work.

About WaSP

Founded in 1998, the Web Standards Project (WaSP) advocates for standards that reduce the cost and complexity of website development while increasing the accessibility and long-term viability of any site published on the web. We work with browser companies, authoring tool makers, and our peers to deliver the true power of standards to this medium.

Our Staff

None of this would be possible without the dedication of our team of professionals.


  1. Ben Callahan

    Front End Expert

  2. Jason Cranford Teague

    Master of Web Typography & User Experience

  3. Derek Featherstone

    Accessibility Wizard

  4. Aaron Gustafson

    Front End Expert

  5. Stephanie Hay

    Usability-Focused Copywriter

  6. Denise Jacobs

    Creativity Evangelist

  7. Nicole Fenton

    Content Expert

  8. Emily Lewis


  9. Dan Mall

    Design Superhero

  10. Adrian Roselli

    Accessibility & Standards Advocate

  11. Brandon Satrom

    Developer Extraordinaire

  12. Jared Smith

    Accessibility Guru

  13. Bridget Stewart

    Internet Theorist

  14. Allison Wagner

    CSS & HTML Expert

  15. Nicholas Zakas

    JavaScript Kung-fu Master

  16. Laura Kalbag

    Design Wrangler

  17. Emily Gray

    Content Connoisseur

  18. Drew Clemens

    Web Everyman

  19. Jackie Balzer

    Sassy Front-end Developer

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Editorial Staff

  1. Aaron Gustafson


  2. Emily Lewis

    Managing Editor

  3. Ari Stiles

    Acquisitions Editor

  4. Chris Casciano

    Technical Editor

  5. Craig Cook

    Technical Editor

  6. Steph Troeth

    Editor in Chief (Retired)

  7. Ben Henick

    Technical Editor (Retired)

Website Team

  1. Aaron Gustafson

    Lead Developer

  2. Jeff Bridgforth

    Front-end Developer

  3. Kelly McCarthy

    Project Manager, Information Architect

  4. Dan Cederholm

    Lead Designer, Creative Director

  5. Steph Troeth

    User Experience Designer

  6. Henny Swan

    Accessibility Auditor

  7. Daniel Ryan


  8. Jessi Taylor

    Jr. Designer

  9. Laura Helen Winn

    Jr. Designer, QA Tester

  10. Jessica Martin

    Copywriter, QA Tester


We can’t thank them enough for their generous contributions and support.

  1. Microsoft

    Internet Explorer is focused on giving web experiences the full power of the PC through hardware acceleration, providing a browsing experience built on open standards, and putting sites at the center.

  2. MailChimp

    More than 4 million people use MailChimp to create, send, and track email newsletters.

  3. Mozilla

    A comprehensive learning and reference resource for open web standards and technologies. Built by web developers, for web developers.

  4. Media Temple

    (mt) Media Temple is proud to support the efforts of the Web standards Project.


Our partners continue to help get the word out.

  1. Opera

    Opera creates browsers for a huge variety of computers, phones, games consoles, TVs & other devices. They are committed to innovation and supporting the latest open standards.

  2. W3C

    W3C is an international community that develops standards to ensure the long-term growth of the Web.