Topics: Performance

We want everything and we want it yesterday. Optimizing your website’s performance will pay huge dividends in the form of happier customers.

  1. (Issue No. 34)
    Reflecting on the Revamped Sherpa

    Our Publisher Aaron turns the spotlight on the Sherpa site and walks through some of the choices we made for the mobile-first overhaul of this site.

  2. (Issue No. 28)
    Tracking Printed Pages (or How to Validate Assumptions)

    What guides your project decisions? Data or assumptions? Adrian discusses the importance of tracking site features, like print styles, to inform how and where you invest effort.

  3. (Issue No. 18)
    What’s Your CSS Style?

    Looking beyond class and id selectors, Emily explores how and when we can use attribute, child and sibling selectors in the real world through a reader-submitted portfolio,

  4. (Issue No. 9)
    Getting up to Speed with Lighthouses

    Responding to Worldwide Lighthouses’ request to help them speed up their gallery pages, Aaron discusses file ‘munging’, compression and organization to improve performance.