Stephanie Hay

Usability-Focused Copywriter

Stephanie Hay is a usability-focused copywriter and information architect who, in 2010, decided to take the plunge into full-time freelance so she could work independently with awesome clients and not have to wear dress shoes anymore. She’s currently spending loads of time with Washington, DC-based startup FastCustomer to help people never wait on hold again.

Steph also created NoVaCoWork, is co-organizer of DC’s Lean Startup Circle meetup, is attempting to launch her first product, and loves to eat at Pho Viet Flare.

Reviews by this author

  1. (Issue No. 15)
    Crafting Intentional Content

    Creating a website that conveys effective messaging is challenging. Stephanie Hay examines Irish Website Builder in light of elements that will best engage their audiences.

  2. (Issue No. 12)
    Designing for Content: Creating a Message Hierarchy

    Designers who replace Lorem Ipsum in their comps or wireframes are underscoring the importance of quality content. But why not start sooner, before a single line is drawn?